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EcoTV - Episode 31

Episode 31 Interview: Mia Vissenjoux from Keep Oz Beautiful LITTLE Committee.

Eco TV news: Westpac defends funding forest logging project in Solomons Island; Little penguins disappearing on Granite Island and first sighting of the world’

EcoTV - Episode 30

Episode 30 Interview: Rose Read from AMTA talks mobile phone recycling.

Eco TV news: How climate change is affecting hard shelled sea life; Broome gas hub controversy rallies the Sea Shepherd’s support; Scientists predicts warm weather El

EcoTV - Episode 29

Episode 29 Interview: Briony Kennedy, Adorn Mineral Cosmetics talks natural beauty.

Eco TV news: WWF ranks countries on wildlife crimes; air pollution causing asthma-like symptoms in Australian children; Melbournians contaminating recycli

EcoTV - Episode 28

Episode 28 Interview: The Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP (Federal Cabinet Secretary. Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Innovation. Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency).

Eco TV news: Queenslanders worst for food

EcoTV - Episode 27

Episode 27 Interview: Hamish Mitchell from the More Trees Please campaign.
Eco TV news: Madagascars Lemurs most endangered mammals on earth, black rats invade Lord Howe Island and Australian Defence Industry takes on wave power.


EcoTV - Episode 26

Episode 26 Interview: Elise Ramsey from AussieMite.

Eco TV news: Effects of rising sea levels on Hobart, Maldives’ carbon neutral tourism tax, first intercontinental solar plane trip.

Celebrity: Prince Charles’ latest eco honour.


EcoTV - Episode 25

Episode 25 Interview: Rohan Wenn from Get Up!

Eco TV news: 300 companies sign up to support carbon tax; Sea Shepherd receives funds for a fourth anti-whaling ship; rare birth of a critically endangered Sumatran rhinoceros.

Celebrity: P

EcoTV - Episode 24

Episode 24 Interview: Wells Trenfield from Jasper Coffee.

Eco TV news: Last surviving Pinta island tortoise ‘Lonesome George’ passes away; large numbers of green sea turtles dying for unknown reasons around Townsville; Japanese Fukushima

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